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Living the Life of Rylea (LTLOR) exists to help families grieving the loss of their baby.  When parents are not able to take their baby home, LTLOR works to ensure that families leave the hospital and/or funeral home with as many physical memories as possible, while welcoming them into an incredibly supportive pregnancy & infant loss community.

"Living the Life of Riley" is an old expression meaning to lead a carefree life.  You may be confused why we chose a name about life when our story seems to be one of death.  However, the importance of our story is that Rylea also lived.  We hope that this will help us to keep her memory alive and to encourage non-bereaved parents to appreciate their surviving children more.  We envision LTLOR being a movement that encourages us all to live in a way that would make Rylea proud; making the most out of each moment.

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